thought: first day of school

I went back to teaching today. Of course it was a long night last night as both Merrik and Maliea were restless. It always seems to work out that way on the night before an early or busy day.

I took the 7:11am Metrolink out of San Juan Capistrano and returned on the Amtrak. The schedules work out great for my class schedule so once again I am loving the commute to work. I also met a couple of very interesting people on the train. It made me feel connected to the world again.

Liz was taking the Metrolink in to Fullerton in the morning. She is going for an accounting degree all while she works two jobs to help support her and her 6 year old autistic daughter who it sounds like she never sees. I almost started crying when I heard her story. It made me feel so incredibly fortunate to have the life I do. She was very positive and felt good about what she was doing. One amazing 25 year old.

Benjamin was on the Amtrak going to Oceanside to pick up his veg oil converted truck in Vista where it had been sitting for 10 months while he was in Nicaragua setting up a farm. He was back here to sell 1/4 acre parcels of land to investors to raise money. He had all kinds of interesting tidbits about Monsanto and was selling macrame bracelets with shells in them that he had collected from the beaches of Nicaragua.

It’s great getting out of the car and into the world.

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