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thought: when the world lets you down

Both Jim and I are experiencing thorough disappointment from our work relationships letting us down. I had a class taken away from me for the Fall semester with no one from the university’s department letting me know what was going on. It feels like crap to be manipulated in such a way.

But it in no way compares to Jim’s predicament. His company has agreed to redraw a piece of crap logo that their client “bought” from another “design firm” behind their back. The worst part of such an unethical business maneuver is that they are asking Jim to be the one to redraw the “pile of shit” as he describes it.

He has just spent the last several months pouring his heart, expertise and time into many well thought out and executed logo designs for this company. However, they picked them all apart for some of the dumbest reasons I’ve ever heard. I hate to say it but it sounds like the marketing department of the client is full of “housewives” who think they know everything there is to know about design just because they have a computer and like to pick out colors and fonts.

Jim has studied design to the nth degree for 20 years so when a company hires his firm they should just trust that they are the experts and let them do their job. It’s a crime that his own company won’t stand behind their own high standards even in these difficult times.