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thought: a new lab in san clemente

Just think, my hick, out of touch town has an opportunity to get on the right path. Ole Hanson would be excited about the LAB development proposed for North Beach because it matches his vision for this town but is probably still crying tears about the blundering project at Marblehead that will destroy this town.
This November I have decided to vote to approve the tasteful, hip, open, green, locally sensitive space designed by the LAB for North Beach to replace the ugly and unkempt area that has always been overlooked and disregarded as a north coastal entrance to our town. I am all for less development, open space and keeping San Clemente as a quaint but thriving village by the sea so I am going to vote yes on W to begin the manifestation of that dream.
I think San Clemente needs to concentrate on bringing it’s existing commercial areas into the 21st century by creating ecologically sensitive and inviting spaces instead of arrogant, overpowering monstrosities. The LAB development is a start. Let’s hope that the people of this town who get it will take the time to vote yes on Measure W.