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thought: are you talking about it?

Every once in awhile I allow myself snippets of time to read thought provoking articles from sources that are important to me. I used to subscribe to Orion magazine because of it’s intelligent articles, environmental slant and beautiful artwork. Now I just get their emails but I feel better about not seeing a years worth of magazines piled up in our TV room that have never been read.

I came across this article while I was trying to track down some replacement frames for my husbands broken sunglasses that hold newly replaced prescription lenses.

And then I overheard a conversation on the playground. One child said, “I know why it’s hot. Do you?”
Another said, “It’s because the Earth is sick.” They all nodded. I said nothing.

The article is titled The Big Talk: How to tell a six year old where all the birds and bees have gone
by Sandra Steingraber