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thought gap: the last days of summer

We spent another wonderful afternoon at the beach. We met Garrett and Marla around 3:00pm. Marla and her husband, Roberto, are the cool people who wrote and published the Olas Books you see in shops everywhere around town. I first met Marla at her yoga class through the city back in 2003 and we’ve kept in touch ever since.
Then Armand and his mom came by a little later on so Merrik could play with his best “jeep” bud. Then Armand’s friend, Kai, came by just as we were leaving so I let Merrik hang with the two boogey board buds a little bit longer. By 6:30pm it was definitely time to head home.
I knew Merrik would crash on the way (no nap+staying at the beach for 3 hours after an already busy day+very little food all day=crashing) and the only shot I got from this memorable day is this one:

But we still got home in plenty of time for Maliea and I to watch an incredible sunset from our backyard:


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    September 10, 2008

    Yes, it was an incredible sunset. We finally left the beach at 7pm. You were right, he crashed. He crashes so sweetly. Armand loves his “jeep” bud. The week is not the same without our Wednesday outing. Merrik is such a fabulous 3 year old to know and love. Speaking of Loves … the loveliest of all is sweet Mailea.