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gap: big gap in posts

Here is last weekends post. We went to Encinitas for our six year anniversary. It was not exactly the most relaxing weekend on record. It took us 2 hotels and 4 restaurants to finally settle on either. Mostly due to last minute planning and high expectations.
We ended up at the Best Western at Moonlight Beach. This was a great hotel and just right for our little getaway. Our original reservations were made for the Sheraton in Carlsbad but we ended up begging the manager to cancel because the “ocean view” was miles from the ocean.
Three of the restaurants we went to in Encinitas wanted to seat us on the sidewalk and in the doorway with a 3 year old and a baby. The second place we tried, the maitre d’ thought very hard about putting us at a table for 2 way out at the corner near the traffic signal. The last place we tried on Hwy 101 had the tables so close together that we couldn’t put the stroller next to our table and Maliea was sound asleep by this point so I was going to have to hold her through the entire meal!
We finally ended up at Gusto Trattoria and we had some great wine and an average Italian meal. Merrik was melting down after the 3 hours of restaurant hunting (he kept asking “where’s the restaurant? Is this the restaurant?”) so I told the waitress our story and asked if she could bring him some food asap. She did and ours took so long to be served that she comped our meal.
We had fun at Sealife Aquarium at Legoland on Saturday when it was absolutely gorgeous out. We were expecting to go in the ocean at Moonlight Beach on Sunday but a huge storm came in during the night and it was freezing cold and windy on Sunday much to our disappointment. Again, high expectations.
…And this is what we’ll remember…