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dream date

We had a fantastic day at the beach on Monday. After Merrik went to swim lessons we met up with Marley and Quin. It was Merrik’s perfect date. He and Marley competed for being in front on their two-wheelers all the way from the pier to North Beach and back.
Merrik took a couple of rough tumbles but hopped right back up on his bike-even after he fell off the bridge and ended up in the brambles under his (very heavy) bike. He had to get back on right away to see the lights on his valve stems flash because it was getting dark.
The bike ride ended at the pier where Merrik suited up in his full suit and Marley stripped down to her shorts. They both had a ball running through the water even though Marley initially didn’t want to go. Merrik has a way with getting his friends to do things they think they don’t want to do. Uh oh.
See more of the perfect date on my flickr photostream.

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