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I received the most upsetting email from one of my CSUF students yesterday. He threatened to complain about my harsh, demanding and unsympathetic teaching style to the Department Chair. I am still so taken aback I don’t know what to think. It seems he just wanted to get a B instead of a B- (his final score was off by <1% so I would have given it to him anyway) but the email was so attacking that I am hesitant to give in to his disrespect and assault. I had run-ins off and on all semester with him. He would always argue with me for higher scores even though he didn't follow the basic instructions or made blatant errors in his html code. What is most upsetting is that he was a terrible student and didn't seem to care about learning-only what grade he got. I am so frustrated by the quality of many of the students that I teach. Many of them don't seem to know what they are doing in college. It is upsetting to think that these students will be going out in the world to "work" for the future of our country. So, in the meantime I am thinking about what he said and will see how I can possibly be a more caring, yielding instructor in the future. I usually have many students come back and tell me they really enjoyed the class and thank me for teaching them so much. It's amazing how one disgruntled student can ruin your attitude about teaching at the university level.