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merrik never ceases to amaze

Merrik continues his amazing maturation. I don’t know if it’s first born syndrome, new big brother traits, personality or what but Merrik just seems to be growing up so fast. There are certain things that have blown me away and that I never expected as a parent.
I wasn’t even going to start talking about potty training until he was 3 and I absolutely dreaded the process. He pretty much potty trained himself at 2 and hasn’t worn a diaper at night in months. I never dreamed it would be so easy. His process hasn’t been perfect but it’s worked.
He nursed every hour all night long in our bed until he was 2 so I thought going to sleep and sleeping on his own would never happen. However, the other night he came home from Nana Papa’s and he told me he was tired and ready for bed. I fed him some dinner, put on his jammies and he went in his room, laid down in his whale bed, rolled over, closed his eyes and went to sleep. I was blown away. He has been doing this more frequently. He really knows what he needs [and wants!]. He’s only 3 years old!
It makes my life so much easier but I already miss my little guy.
These aren’t the only things that amaze me about him, of course. I just have to say that all you parents out there just need to do what you feel is best for you, your child and your family rather than listen to friends or follow the parenting books. Trust your instincts and everything will be just fine.