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harbor walk

We went to the harbor the other day with Nana Papa to see if Proud Mary’s was open yet. It has been since my birthday when I was pregnant with Maliea that it burned down. We went to have brunch there and it was still smoking. So sad because I remember going there the first day they opened back some time around 1976 (?). We were lounging on Dulcinea (our 27′ Catalina) in our slip and they came by and brought menus to tell us about it. We’ve been going ever since.
But, they are still struggling with some equipment problems so hopefully very soon we will be having lunch in their patio.
We spend a lot of time at the harbor. Almost as much time as at the pier in San Clemente. It brings back so many memories for me. It seems like I spent more time there on the weekends when I was growing up than I did in SC. I love that I have such wonderful places to take the kids to with Nana Papa.

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