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process process process

“In computing, a process is an instance of a computer program that is being sequentially executed[1] by a computer system that has the ability to run several computer programs concurrently.” – Wikipedia
Boy does this feel like me. Not just my computer but me personally. I LOVE process and the experience of going through process as a learning experience, as a mental development. But, recently it feels like that’s all I am doing. I REALLY feel like it’s time for a second computer to process all my images while I’m processing my life AND my future.
I am running more than several personal human computer programs concurrently. I am running dinner, bathtime, Hawaii photo processing, HDR imaging, fine art website, facebook, flickr, twitter and smugmug updates, grading and diaper rash tending to.
It’s crazy. I sometimes wonder why I should even talk about it because it’s life but I just crack up because it is so crazy and wacky and amazing to be able to have all of this incredible stuff in my life.