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how to burst a mother’s bubble

Today I cranked on organization which is a mother’s dream (well at least this mother’s dream). I got 4 bags of clothes and toys to the Salvation Army, 6 bags of clothes back to the generous mother who shared her hand-me-downs with us, and 5 bags of clothes, toys and baby gear to Children’s Orchard for resale. I also found perfect organization shelving for the Workroom closets and Playroom.
But, hours later, after the glory of a productive day and the complaints of a super tidy husband about the cluttered garage (don’t get me wrong, Jim and I are completely on the same page about this), Merrik comes in to my office out of the blue and says, “Mom, remember that track with the dinosaur the goes around it? Let’s get it out!!!” Oh, my sinking heart tears my chest open. I thought for sure he’d never remember that toy! It’s only been months since he’s played with it for about 2 1/2 minutes!