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just one of those days

Today was just one of those days. I forgot my phone at home so when I ended up stranded in Orange when the Metrolink was stopped from the freight train derailment and hazardous waste spill, I had to borrow a phone to call Jim. That doesn’t sound so bad but I get constant flack from him for not answering my phone when I do have it so this was over the top.
I did make it to my class barely on time and a little flustered. At least I didn’t have to wait for the bus to take me to Fullerton! After class I ran to the bus station to find out that it was temporarily out of service! After wandering around for an hour someone else was heading to another stop to catch a bus to the train station so I tagged along.
I arrived at the station where I park my car in the morning and as I am walking to my car I notice car after car with their windows bashed in and several spaces with window glass all over. Thankfully my car was not vandalized.
When I finally got home with the kids at 6:00pm, I thought it was time to relax. But the antics continued! Merrik ran off to the bathroom to go potty and Maliea tagged along as she is very interested in this process right now. As I was walking by to see what Maliea would do after he flushed the toilet I was thankful she was not putting her hands in the bowl. Just when I was about to close the lid she tossed in the train car she was holding and down it went with the last of the water flushing out.
She was very pleased with her accomplishment but Merrik cried it out pining for his “favorite” train coach. I’m going to bed!

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