[life] a web log vs a ship’s log

I started this blog as an easy way to share the most current photos of my kids with the rest of the family (a photo blog). But when I decided to start doing portraiture for other families it has become a focal point of both my family life and my work photographically.

Most of you who have been following this blog have seen mostly photos of my children with a spattering of portrait sessions so it seems my life is heavily focused on the kids. Well, it is, but there is so much more being balanced behind the scenes that I never talk about here.

I am so fortunate to be a full time stay at home mom while only being committed to teaching one class at Cal State Fullerton each semester. It allows me to be a mom and continue to pursue my personal career interests in fine art and portrait photography.

The underlying theme along this path, however, as some of you may know, is that we want to take the kids cruising when they are older (approximately 5 and 8). Not cruising on a cruise ship but open ocean sailing with the intentions of going all the way around the world. I am hoping that this blog can become a communication outlet for the process. Yes, my photography will continue to dominate my life as it has since 1989, but with a continuing evolution toward journalism to support our travels. I am hoping it becomes a synergy of everything I love about life: my husband, my kids, photography, living an alternative lifestyle and travel.

I don’t know why I am bringing this up now but our dream has been heavily on my mind as of late because of our financial balance sheet. We are so lucky that Jim still has his job and we can continue to live our stripped down life to the maximum. However, a lot of the money we put away for the boat and our travel (aka: the kids education money) is gone. It’s not much compared to what others have lost and many so close to retirement so I am not whining, just bummed.

We will still go, I know. We are focused and have support from friends and family to do this. Even if we get a boat and spend several years along the coast of Mexico and parts south we will do it. It is our dream as a family and since May 2, 2000 when Jim and I let go of the dock lines after much emotional ado, and headed across the big, wide Pacific, we moved beyond the feeling of wanting it and actually did it. So, we know the difference between talking about it and actually doing it. But it’s still scary to think what it will be like to do it with kids.

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