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[life] pierside

I find myself spending a lot of time at our local pier. So much so that I have actually started a new project based around the pier. The series is titled ‘Pierside’ and it incorporates images that I have taken at the pier over the last several years. You can see a couple of the images in a past post here. You can also see the ongoing series in my Current work here.

The pier is a special place in my life. It is a grounding for me as I wait for the time we can all be on the water. It is, I suppose, a surrogate to our boat right now since we don’t have a place to put one yet and we aren’t ready to head out to sea.

The San Clemente pier is our gathering place where I can still spend time with my parents and have fun with the kids. We play in the ocean at the pier, ride bikes and walk along the beach trail starting at or near the pier.

Last week, I found myself once again at the pier and walking along the beach trail with my mom, Merrik and Maliea. Each time it seems like an entirely new experience and it never gets old.

The light is beautiful there and I love the colors of the native plants, sand, sky, and dark wood of the pier as a backdrop.

It is a place where I can pretend like I am getting exercise and where I can be without a care in the world.

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