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the incomparable bonnie berry

Besides a birthday party and beach time (photos to come later) this weekend, we had a photo sesh at the house with the incomparable Bonnie Berry who flew all the way out here from Austin, TX just for us (well, almost). I was more nervous having my photo taken than I have ever been when I am the photographer.
I was so busy being the subject that I only took 2 photos of her in action. She was so unassuming and I don’t know what I expected but I thought maybe she might have been more bouncy and vivacious than a normal person to get all those amazingly adorable shots of kids and people that she does. But, she was very unassuming and low-key which by far suits our style.
Or maybe she is one of those zen-like people people who assumes the personality and style of her subjects to get them to relax!? I just hope that I will allow myself to loosen up a little more when we have her photograph the family next time! She had a challenge on her hands that’s for sure.