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[life] a baptism celebration with family

On Saturday we endured another drive back up to LA for a wonderful family gathering to celebrate Jenna Doubt’s baptism. Jenna is the daughter of my cousin on my dad’s side. It was a beautiful mass and fun to see a little girl rather than a baby baptised. Her expressions were priceless throughout the sacrament.

After the ceremony we all gathered at the family’s home for a pool party and BBQ. The adults hovered near the pool in the shade while the kids jumped and splashed in the cool water to escape the 90ยบ+ temps. It was a great scene and fun to see my cousins with their children.

The only thing that disrupted the fun was when Merrik fell head first off the back of the ride-on firetruck. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I was standing right there and scooped him up. It was the most horrifying thing I’d ever seen happen to him. He hit the top of his head then went limp as the rest of his body flipped over to meet his head bending his neck completely over. He cried a bit but was not inconsolable. Within 20 minutes he was back driving the firetruck around the yard. I am still stunned about how tough he was and how resilient his body is.

It was a fun and special day and well worth the trek through LA even with the daunting traffic. It’s hard to beat a family gathering.

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