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[life] family together

We spent another long weekend together as a family. It’s getting to be a habit that I hope continues! Our home away from home in Coronado is at Jim’s dad and his wife, Debbie’s home. It was a virtual Camp G-ma G-pa without the “camp.”

Merrik has been so much more well behaved with his dad around to fish, sail and wrassle with. It’s fun to see how loving Merrik can be with Jim. Normally he won’t talk to him when he gets home from work or even say goodbye as he’s going off to work. It takes time for Merrik to warm up to his dad which bums us out. It so nice for them to have had this time to make it up. Too bad Jim has to work so much but we’re trying to help Merrik understand why society works that way. Someday we hope to have a different way for dad to support us.

Nothing surpasses the feeling of being together as a family. “Togetherness” was one of the words that Jim and I chose to live by before we got married. We spent 2 years together living, working, sailing, and surfing 24/7 before getting married and it was the most intense in-your-face time most married couples never experience but it brought us closer.


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    May 31, 2009

    nice blogging there, my friend! Love the intimacy and expression you delivered through your words!