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[life + photography] road trip

I’m in a frenzy packing for our trip to central California and parts yonder. Jim is competing in the USMS Short Course Yards Nationals swim meet in Clovis, CA. We will be doing day trips from there to Bass Lake, Shaver Lake and other nearby mountain areas. Then on Mother’s Day we’ll head to Oakhurst to stay at the Queens Inn by the River to position ourselves close to Yosemite for day trips into the valley.

It’s been years since I’ve been in the Sierra. From 1993-1995 I spent almost every weekend climbing the highest peaks of the Sierra Nevada while I was a trip leader for the Sierra Club. I can’t wait to share the mountain experience with the kids. Even though I do feel strongly about focusing your energy on a particular type of activity and our focus is on the ocean, a little mountain air will do us all good.

I can’t wait to do some nature photography too with my new vision and with my family in the picture. My special request is to get some photos of me with the kids on Mother’s Day because I don’t have any from past years!


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    Cindy Schafer

    May 6, 2009

    sounds amazing – have a GREAT time!!! Good Luck Jim.

    I too am headed to the sierra this month after a long absence – I have a job with Edison shooting the Eco Challenge Science Contest winners at a location called Big Creek. Funny how we are both going there this month… now if only Michelle were hiking the Sierra this month too 🙂 !

    now about that “feel strongly about focusing your energy on a particular type of activity ” comment…. I’m curious about that my friend ?!?!? sounds a bit rigid to me but hey- you are getting out there this week so i’m happy about that!

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    May 6, 2009

    We’re rigid kind of people! Ha! It means we don’t try to do too many things in too many different places. ie: we don’t surf, snowboard, sky dive and rock climb. It is more frugal financially and if you focus you can be better at a couple of say “water sports” (ie: surfing and sailing) rather than not so skilled at many things.