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[life] father’s day weekend

We had a fabulous close to home weekend with dad. Saturday was chilly so we stuck close to the back yard and Merrik and Maliea could not resist taking their clothes off as usual-especially when there is water involved. Merrik wanted to strip down last weekend at State Beach. Maybe Linda Lane, but definitely not State Beach. Poor guy-he’s so confused.

Then on Sunday we headed to our beach-with-dad spot at State Beach. Merrik loves the steep path there and the tunnel at the bottom of the hill. We load up the double jogger with kites, umbrellas, towels, mats, toys and wetsuits and head on down to an open spot near the water. It’s always windy enough to fly a kite and Jim hangs out for a bit under the umbrella strumming his Kala uke. We did just that this Sunday. Maliea did a face plant in the sand and Merrik danced around before he made two long, hot trips to the bathroom way back up the hill but all in all “We had a great time” as Merrik would say in his cute little voice with utter conviction.


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    Cindy Schafer

    June 24, 2009

    love the naked shots – so beautiful and free!!!