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[life] merrik and me

We went to the beach yesterday, just Merrik and me. He’s been needing a little mom time lately so I decided to let Maliea get a good solid nap at Nana Papa’s while Merrik and I went to the beach to soak up the sun that has finally emerged from behind the clouds.

We went to Linda Lane and plopped ourselves down right in front of the tunnel that goes under the tracks because Merrik decided he wanted to bring his heavy machinery. It was kinda funky down there as the beach was at a minimum from a rising tide and littered with huge piles of seaweed and trash.

The new influx of ‘locals’ were out in full force (we have lots of young kids that try their hardest to live in San Clemente in the summer but can’t afford to stick it out beyond that) playing football, guitar and riding rented surfboards (Linda Lane is a horrible surf break).

Merrik ended up befriending a nice little boy possibly the same age as him who no matter what he did would end up in ‘time out’ on the beach towel. I felt horrible because they were having so much fun together and he was excited to finally get attention from someone but his mom just wouldn’t relax and let the boys play the way boys like to play. No one was getting hurt or was upset by the roughness and I intervened once to help them talk through a couple of situations when Merrik didn’t want to be pushed around anymore. The boy always apologized and stopped as soon as Merrik asked him to.

It’s always a difficult situation when someone else’s parenting style doesn’t match (or even complement) your own. We thanked him (his mom wouldn’t even look at me) for the fun time and left the beach until next time. I was a bit saddened to see this little guy doing his best to be a boy and not getting much joyful interaction from his mom. It reminded me that maybe sometimes I too can be a little too hard on Merrik. Even though he is growing up so fast, he’s still just a little boy after all.

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