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Whenever I think about my weblog, I think about the first “log” I ever did. When Jim and I sailed to Polynesia we kept a frequent log of our position, wind, weather, sail combination, and observations. I decided to look up to see where we were on our sail from San Diego to Hiva Oa during these days back in 2000. I pulled out the yacht log and this is what it read:
Equator! 0108 0º 00.000′ N, 2255 nautical miles, JR at helm, wind SE @ 10k, 1014 bars, balmy, ptly cloudy, 8 mi vis, 80º, M/2 (double reefed), S (staysail) “Made it to the equator in grand style. Mimosas, water games, coconut milk offering and quotes. Have the Southern Cross to our port bow. not a cloud in the sky! Another gorgeous, balmy night. Hiva Oa is 708 nm on the rhumb from us.”

More comments as the day turned to night and back to day again:
“Why do we always roll and head up on this tack? 621 nm to go. Rolling. Lost our radar reflector off of burgee halyard. Will move it to ratlines. We saw striker dolphins. They swam all around us creating glowing streaks + bursts from phosphorescence! Incredible sight. Little guys jumping clear out of the water. Spiritual. Our running lights are out. Had radar on most of the night.”

“We saw another sea turtle lumbering along all by himself heading east/northeast. We’re on a great tack and have a course to put us west of the isles. Repaired running lights and took hot showers! Yeah. Feeling great.”

We arrived Hiva Oa four days later at 0100. I sat and stared at the horizon for hours searching for it’s existence. Jim couldn’t take not being able to see it and praying it would be there. “What if it’s not there?” we wondered with dread. Spotting it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I can still feel that same pressure of joy in my chest when I think about it now. Arriving there was another one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

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  1. What a great saunter down memory lane Kris…. so interesting to hear about your sailing experience in log form. I remember those days when you were gone and being so excited to get one of your amazing letters via your mum. Bruce and I have kept them all and read them occasionally. What an adventure!! And this particular entry… amazing – the equator, sea turtles, phosphorescent striker dolphins and the angst of looking for the horizon… things most of us can’t even imagine EVER experiencing. I love love love hearing about your expedition experience and look forward to seeing it in art/book form.

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