[photography + life] don’t always mix

While we were in Yosemite I tried my best to do some nature photography. It was a challenge. Doing fine art photography with kids in nature is kind of like trying to surf where you anchor-dangerous. Every time I would spend a few moments-mere seconds-composing an image, Merrik or Maliea would be on the verge of falling off edge of a huge boulder or plunking into the rushing Merced River.

I can’t remember when I’ve appreciated more wholeheartedly the time I used to have to just wander and photograph on my own. The last time I was in Yosemite I spent hours at one place composing an image in the frame of my 4×5 or Yashicamat. However, I absolutely loved seeing the kids interact with the earth and the rocks and the water. At least I did get a few quick shots of the beauty of Yosemite-my favorite National Park by far.


  1. Dogwoods in Yosemite. Thanks Kristianne. I have not seen a dogwood in over 6 years since I left Atlanta. Wow, what a pleasant and calming photo that was for me.

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