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[photography + life] father’s day album

I am totally loving the Finao album that I created for Jim. It arrived quickly, was easy to put together and is beautiful. I can only imagine what some of the other fabrics would look like-especially on a larger format book.


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    Michelle Henrick

    June 23, 2009


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    Cindy Schafer

    June 24, 2009

    Amazing looking album – when I come over to shoot the laundry I want to check it out. (please) I have published with apple and blurb. apple was a hard cover with a paper slip cover – quite fine. blurb i have only published small soft cover books that I use as leave behinds for potential clients. I’m happy with the blurb book too but i hate the so called easy peel bar code sticker on the back that I have to painstakingly take off each one. it’s anything but EASY-peel!!!