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[life] a cousin’s visit

After all the family gatherings in Coronado, we brought Cameron home with us for a couple of days to share our ocean, sand and sun outings with him. Of course our first trip was to the beach where he was thrilled to have sea creatures to capture. He and Merrik spent hours catching sand crabs and created a safe, temporary aquarium for them out of our bucket.

Cameron wants to be a “Commerson Dophin Trainer,” to be specific, when he grows up. He loves everything about animals and the sea and if you thought you knew things about animals, you will learn that you don’t know much when you are around him.

Merrik was in boy heaven following Cameron around everywhere while he was here. He loved having a big brother figure and it was great for Cameron to have a “little brother” for awhile. It just made him realize how grown up he really is. Merrik has grown up a lot himself since his interactions with Cameron so we have been thrilled to reconnect the two of them once again.

In the two day time period we also managed to squeeze in time at Aunt Cindy and Uncle Greg’s house in their infamous “baby pool” jacuzzi and at the tide pools in Dana Point. We did make it to the beach a second time so Cameron could capture two sand crab specimens to take back to Grampa and Gramma’s house to study them in his “science lab” set up on Pelican.


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    Cindy Schafer

    July 16, 2009

    REALLY incredible images on this particular post Kris!!! your vision is so incredibly beautiful and consistent – Bravo.
    On another note- really nice images of Merrick. I think having him distracted with, and so focused on, Cameron allowed him to relax more in front of the camera. Maybe took the focus off him a bit and consequently allowed him to loosen up. Maliea – well she just doesn’t care what you do does she?