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[life] cameron’s world

One more thing we did with Cameron was go to Sea World. Sea World is Cameron’s World. He lives for Sea World and wants to work there someday. He knew every nook and cranny of the place and had our day all scheduled out. It was the third time he’d been in the last two weeks so everything he knew about it was very fresh.

We weren’t even allowed to sit down and eat because we would have missed one of the shows he wanted to see for the third time. He sat in the ‘soaker’ section while we stayed up and away with sleeping baby and camera.

It was fun and the shows are cute but it’s just not my “park.” I am not excited about going back. We had recently seen common dolphins, a harbor seal, sea lions, jellies, octopi, urchins, hermit and sand crabs all in a wild and natural environment so it was not as exciting to see marine life in a box.

We’re not quite sure why Cameron is so enamored by the place but we think it might be his age. If he does end up working there or doing an internship or camp there someday we’ll all be so thrilled for him but living at the sea, we are not as enthusiastic about the park as he is.