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[life] camp gramma grampa—-closing day

The experience was a memorable one for all and everyone—-especially the parents—-are looking forward to next year. How Gramma Grampa feel about doing it again is unknown. I personally don’t know how they managed to persevere through directing, correcting, tracking and teaching 6 kids under 13 for almost a week.

It all started when they traveled by train from Portland to San Diego picking up the kids at different stations along the way making one overnight in Los Angeles with 4 of them. When they all arrived in San Diego they took the ferry boat across the Bay to Coronado then vanned or bussed the campers depending on car seat needs down the strand to the Cays where their house is.

The camp included three days of swimming in the bay and pool, boating around the bay and to the pool, marine life exploration and collection (Cameron set up a sea lab on Pelican that included a pregnant common shrimp that gave birth, a sea anemone and mussels), sit down meals, bedtime stories, games and movies.

On the last day of Camp, the parents arrived to pick up their campers so two of the girls choreographed a farewell ballet performance.


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    Cindy Schafer

    July 11, 2009

    AMAZING!! What an experience for all involved. I’m sure the kids will remember this for the rest of their lives. ANd Great pics Kris. I especially love the group shot with Maleia screaming her head off!!!!!