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[life] family tradition

Fourth of July weekend in Coronado is a family tradition for the Riddles. Ever since I have known Jim we have been going to Coronado for the long weekend and now we actually enjoy the famous parade down Orange Avenue because of the kids. And even though we have the most amazing backyard for viewing the fireworks we have only watched them one Fourth from home when Merrik was 2 months old.

This year was no different as a long weekend celebration with lots of family. Gramma Grampa had just spent the week with Holley and Cameron and even though it was the weekend after Camp Gramma Grampa, they were still excited and gracious hosts to a whole new crew including lots of adults. Everyone literally descends on their house because that is where the food, boats, water and spectator seats are.

By day three I was anxious to get in some water fun like everyone else. It’s been hard with a nursing, separation anxious 15 month old but I was ready. I should have gone with the boys surfing at IB but didn’t gear up coordinating that. I was really bummed when they headed out on the Bayliner to Ralph’s Flats at the end of Point Loma to surf but when they came home unsuccessful, I wasn’t so disappointed—-maybe next time!

I did get out and go Skurfing and it was great. Every time we go out the board and the tow rope gets shorter and a lot more fun. Being close the wake of the boat you can really work the lip. We tried wakeboarding awhile back but it is too confining. I like the way the surfboard feels under my feet and I can shift them around if one leg gets more tired than the other.

The other fantastic thing we did this year was take Pelican, a 38′ Downeaster sloop, sailing up the bay at night to watch the fireworks. We had 19 people on board so it was a bit hairy-especially for the experienced crew who knew what a nightmare it could have been if one little thing went wrong. As we turned under the Coronado Bridge and headed back to the Cays the sky lit up all around us. We saw 8 maybe 9 different firework shows all around San Diego Bay. It was by far the best view ever. Even though we weren’t right under them it beat being in the throngs and masses at Glorietta Bay or Sea World or Downtown.