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[life] mini minnows day camp

Merrik is in Mini Minnows Day Camp all week out at the Boat House in Dana Point Harbor. He is loving it. They do crafts, games, explorations and each day is a new theme. When I picked him up they were all in line at the beach. After I signed him out he asked if we could go back to the beach and go in the water and climb on the rocks because they weren’t allowed to do that at camp.

Then last night we were playing ‘waves’-his favorite game where the comforter of his bed are the waves and he jumps over them, under them and gets tossed around by them. He told me that when the big waves come and crash on you and you get turned upside down inside them you are supposed to hold your hands on your head so you don’t get hurt.

Good 4 year old stuff.

After camp just Merrik and I went out to lunch at the Coffee Importers in the harbor. He wanted a salami sandwich because that’s what big boys eat. I don’t know where that came from but he ended up with a mango smoothie and a turkey panini because their salami sandwiches are huge and have lots of other stuff on them that he wouldn’t like-and I didn’t want to have to finish it.