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[life] mini minnows seashore day

On one of the Mini Minnows camp days they did a seashore theme and the kids hunted for crabs. They had string with a little wire box at the end where they put small pieces of hot dog to lure the crabs. A flood of memories poured into my mind as I watched Merrik climbing on the rocks tossing his line out and waiting.

When I was a young girl I spent hours climbing out on the rocks and walking the wall footings in Dana Point Harbor hunting for crabs. It makes me smile that my son can experience the same joys of freedom in the same beautiful harbor.

I practically grew up in Dana Point Harbor versus San Clemente. My family spent every weekend in the summer on our sailboat docked there. It was our ‘camping.’ This must be why I prefer the clean form of camping out. Even when I was doing a lot of mountaineering I preferred the snow camps and camps above treeline where there was no dirt!

Funny how I can be so adventurous but still prefer to be clean. I don’t even mind the layer of saltwater on my skin after a good sail. I’m just not into hanging out in the dirt. Merrik is well on his way with the same attitude.