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[life + photography] sc ocean festival

On Sunday we ventured on down to the San Clemente Ocean Festival. Jim was signed up to compete in the open water swims so we wanted to see him and get in a little beach time.

The beach was packed with people from Linda Lane to T-Street. Lots of bikinis and wet surf trunks graced the beach trail and pier. We hung out at the NOVA tent to stay out of the sun and have snacks then took a walk on the pier to check out the old woody cars and watch the Stand Up Paddle Board contest. I thought it was a great opportunity to capture a few classic tilt/shift images too. I just love the “Little People” images created by the special lenses. I do mine in Photoshop so they aren’t quite right and don’t look authentic but I like them anyway.

I captured many images that had this look when we were sailing in French Polynesia. Shooting with a housing in the water a lot caused the light to bend and blur the edges so the center would look like little miniatures. Jim and I even talked about doing a photographic series of “tiny islands” created with miniatures and model landscaping. Another one of those projects that never happened.

Jim placed 4th and 8th overall in two of the open water swims. I watched as he came in with the studly twenty somethings body surfing right onto the sand. He placed 1st for those same swims in his 45-49 age group. I do have to say he is an animal.

Merrik, Maliea and I squeezed in between all the people at the water’s edge down by the clock tower. Merrik boogie boarded and Maliea waded in up to her chest in the somewhat warm ocean. It was a nice family day at the beach and we are so proud of Jim and his commitment to stay in shape.

We wrapped up the day by capturing a blue duck from the Great Rubber Duck Race. Merrik caught “Superduck” that had washed ashore from the boat.


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    Cindy Schafer

    July 21, 2009

    The miniature people reminds me of Maria Luisa Morando’s White Series. Sadly her work doesn’t translate very well online but TRUST me, her 48″x48″ prints exhibited in the gallery ROCK!!