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[life] work day

Merrik has been asking to go to work with Jim for months now and yesterday he finally gave in. Merrik was bouncing off the walls all morning. About 8:30am they were off. I checked in later and all was going well even though Jim wasn’t getting any work done. Now he knows how I feel!
Maliea and I headed up after her nap to arty, funky downtown Santa Ana. Jim’s company, DGWB, owns the old City Hall building on Main St.

After playing for a bit with all the other creatives, we went to lunch at Lola Gaspar in the Grand Central Art Center. The kids had a ball chasing each other around the big fountain there that was covered with bees. Merrik ate rainbow colored chips and everything else was too spicy for either one of them to have anything. It wasn’t the most kid friendly place but it’s where Jim and his work cronies go for lunch and the food is amazing.

Merrik had a great time hanging out with dad and the other Creative Directors and Copywriters. When I told them that Merrik said he wanted to go to work with dad every day they said he probably could. On the way home Merrik asked, “Did I make any money there?”

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