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bye high surf

We had a huge swell hit our beaches this weekend and of course we were on our way to Thousand Oaks. It never fails. Whenever there is an amazing swell, Jim either has a swim meet or a pending project that forces him to work long hours or on the weekend.

This time I had a hard time leaving the beauty and awe of a gorgeous swell too. Usually I am completely unphased by such an event but it has been so long since we’ve seen any waves around here I was dying to soak up their energy just by observation. I am by no means in any shape to surf 3 foot surf so the thought of getting in the ocean with a decent swell didn’t even cross my mind. I do miss those days when I could just grab my board and go out for a water session for who knows how long but that lifestyle is years away for my right now. I’ve got other amazing things to do!

I had only a few minutes to see the waves crashing. Between getting the oil changed in the car, packing for the weekend and picking up Merrik at camp, all I could do to capture any kind of images of this amazing spectacle was to shoot them from the beach while I waited for Merrik to be finished with his Merry Un-Birthday camp day with Mini Minnows.