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[life] is a sunday morning

We woke the kids up before 7:00am this past Sunday so we could go to church-finally. We’ve both been exhausted but felt like we needed to dust off the cobwebs so a trip to Our Lady of Fatima church was in order.

I love this church. It’s the same place I spent 8 years of my life visiting frequently on school days and many, many weekends growing up. It’s the same place I got married and had both my children baptized. I’m not a die hard Catholic fan in the least but there is something about going to the same building you have known your entire life and where significant personal milestones have occurred. Jim and I like the tradition, foundation and community we can find there when needed.

After church, we headed to a local breakfast joint, the SC Cafe, then down to the pier for our traditional annual photo. It’s funny because we both long for a non-traditional lifestyle according to societal standards but having certain traditions and reverent ceremonies in our lives is important to both of us.