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sailing Polynesia

So I took a look in the ol’ Log of the Sailing Vessel Pelican the other day and I noticed that on this day in history (2000) we were heading to Haapiti. One of the most amazing surf breaks and anchorages ever. We hit it on a day that was out of control outside the reef. Big, heaped up swells made the motor around Moorea slow going. But inside where we anchored it was unusually calm for that spot.

Moorea is a very special place for both Jim and me and Haapiti was one of the most adventurous, memorable and beautiful spots we visited while we were there; all told for about 3 weeks.

Here’s our log entry for the passage from Tahiti to Moorea:

1000 17º 30′ 10.6″S 149 º49′ 20.7″W …Meeting up with Condesa at the pass.
1100 17º 28’S 149º 49′ W …Through the pass. Beautiful day.
1253 17º 28′ 30″ S 149º 55′ 20″ W …Big seas on the nose. Wind on the nose but very light.
1409 17º 33′ 50.2″ S 149º 54′ 25.6″ W…Rough going. Big seas. I hope the pass isn’t closed out!
1525 17º 33′ 51.6″ S 149º 52′ 30.3″ W…Big seas on either side of the pass!! Hard to find it at first. Lined up range markers to get in. Surfed big wave through. 10’+ swell pushed us on in.

and here are a couple of shots showing the surf with Clark from Condesa on the wave in the foreground (on the left) and Jim on the wave in the background (on the right you can see his head with the huge wave looming over it).

The next image is one I took of Condesa at anchor nearby and the other is of our anchor sitting on the white sand and the shadow of our bow on the sand. We couldn’t get our anchor set at first so Clark dove down to push it into the sand. Finally one of my most popular images is one of the calm waters in the lagoon looking out toward the edge of the barrier reef. We were anchored in 8 feet of water and Pelican draws 6. We could see the bottom at night by the light of the moon.

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