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[life] at anchor and at sea

Our Catalina trip was amazing. It really doesn’t get better than life on a boat. The all-inclusive, pre-packaged vacation is just not our thing. This was the best way to get away. Yes, it was a lot more demanding than most people would like but I feel rewarded and satisfied by a do-it-yourself, down-and-dirty, get your feet wet trip.

I didn’t do all the work so it’s easy for me to say this. Gramma and Grampa were our captain and crew, nanny, cabby and cook most of the time. Although we did create our own fun and the most memorable times were when we did things as a family: took the dinghy on excursions around the various little coves, went to shore to watch a movie in the outdoor amphitheater with the Indian Princesses at camp, swam with the kids in the crystal clear water right off the boat and watched Maliea jump repeatedly off the paddleboard.

I know Merrik will remember the amazing things he did on this trip. He is so at ease on the boat both at anchor and under way. He went paddleboarding and fishing with dad and caught a Calico Bass and a Rock Cod. He helped Grampa fill the water tank and emptied the recycling into the bin on shore. He went for a dinghy ride at night and watched in amazement as he called the dolphins and they came right up to the boat and swam in our wake. Real life stuff that I’d like to think helps kids learn value and respect for life and family.

I am proud of my little sailors. They are off to a great start with a lifetime of experience on the ocean.

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