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[photography] is an impossible session

I always have the hardest time when I have to do a “session” for someone in my family. I don’t know why but it always seems I get caught between the thought that it’s just my family so I don’t have to be as on my game and they will still love me and having the highest expectations for every image I take of them.

My mom put in a request for a photo session with all the cousins on my side of the family. So while my sister was in town we got her daughter Rose together with Merrik and Maliea. Not just for play but dressed for a session. Well, they are so used to just playing together that’s what they thought we were doing. And now Maliea is at the age that she will absolutely NOT look at the camera when I want her too.

So here are the fun outtakes from that session. The hero will go on my mom and dad’s card so I don’t want to spoil the fun here.

20091128_kochcousins_collage04 20091128_kochcousins_collage03 20091128_kochcousins_collage02 20091128_kochcousins_collage01