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[photography is] a pony ride

Our last field trip with Serra Preschool was at Zoomar’s in San Juan Capistrano. Every time we go here I am reminded how much I love the rustic, country feel this town has compared to San Clemente. It’s down to earth in it’s own pastoral way. I also love that both Merrik and Maliea are open to riding the horses they have. It’s so different than anything else we do with them (ie: the beach, sailing)!


20100614family_0093zoomars_serra_bw 20100614family_0085zoomars_serra_bw 20100614family_0050zoomars_serra 20100614family_0021zoomars_serra


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    Michelle Henrick

    July 11, 2010

    Love the pp on these Kris! Love everything about the picture with the guy waking the horse and the picture of the little girl at the bottom with the hat on 🙂

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