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[photography is] a lifelong project

I do not understand how so many professional photographers spend so much money on gear, workshops and other equipment and don’t go bankrupt. I am blown away at the never ending expenses of this profession. I worked in a commercial photography studio for many years and in the end decided to steer clear from the incredible amount of overhead-the thousands of dollars of studio lighting, cameras, film backs, background stands-and the space to store them all. I am such a minimalist that I couldn’t imagine having all of that ‘stuff’ in my life. And this was before the need for computer equipment to view, process and store your images on.

My minimalism borders on risky. I don’t buy cameras, lighting, iPads, iPhones and Polaroid 600SEs just to spend more money on gear and then more on film. I like to Keep Is Simple Sista!

But, I completely understand the importance of continued education to assist growth and inspiration. I just don’t know how it’s possible to budget in 2-4 $2400 workshops annually like so many professional photographers do! I do love the idea of doing workshops, seminars and retreats to connect with other photographers and expand my vision and knowledge. I am definitely looking forward to an affordable and practical Studio Management Seminar this month with PPA but I am hoping to build my business so I can squeeze in something special like The Wallflower Friends retreat without feeling stretched to the limit for time and finances.

I must be making progress in my photography, nonetheless, on my own after all these years, if my husband still likes my work. Seriously, I cannot describe how this feels. Ever since the first day he validated my portfolio back in 1997 I have been working with him professionally, off and on. He is the most well read, intelligent and critical designer and art director I have ever met. For him to actually be excited about my current work and sell it to one of his most respected clients is such an honor and builds on the excitement I already have about my current portrait photography vision.

No matter what your vocation I think it’s really important to continue to grow and push yourself beyond your current limits. Jim has always helped me do this. I am very fortunate to have him in my life as my husband, best friend, father of my children and personal critic. I just wish he had extra time in his life so I could employ him to fine tune my brand and portfolio on a regular basis!