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photography is [the sea]

We all went down to the sea, my husband, the kids and me.

To smell the salty air and feel the squishy sand beneath our feet.

I can’t explain what the sea does to us – or anyone for that matter – but it’s ever-changing nature is so comforting and stirring at the same time. I created this image while we were at the tide pools in Dana Point. I couldn’t believe how different everything was since I had been there last (October). Huge boulders had moved and the green moss on the rocks at the water’s edge was completely gone. It made realize how fortunate I was to see it and photograph there as it had been.

This time around we hit it at a perfect tide to see huge sea stars and the kids had a wonderful time climbing on the rocks. Even Maliea in her rain boots did a fantastic job maneuvering the uneven terrain because she was so excited about the process.

Looking for a quote about the tide to post with this image brought me to this Taoist meditation…hmm…seems perfect for me right now. Funny how things work.


Close your eyes and you will see clearly.

Cease to listen and you will hear truth.

Be silent and your heart will sing.

Seek no contacts and you will find union.

Be still and you will move forward on the tide of the spirit.

Be gentle and you will need no strength.

Be patient and you will achieve all things.

Be humble and you will remain entire.

Taoist meditation

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