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photography is [my baby is not a baby anymore]

Maliea and I visited Serra Preschool last month for their Open House. Maliea went right up to the loft and found the babies, telephone and ‘chicken’ (kitchen). She already knows her way around pretty well since Merrik was here last year. Even though she has become quite comfortable at Concordia where Merrik is now, she is very excited to have her own ‘class’ to go to next fall!

[all of these images were processed using Kellie Hatcher’s B&W Film Set Lightroom Presets. Kellie and I met at the Wallflower Friends Retreat last October. Her work is beautiful! Take a look here and here to see some of my favorites. I mostly use my own presets and actions in Lightroom and Photoshop for processing but have had a difficult time getting a yummy neutral B&W. Kellie has nailed it and her settings are so beautiful that I’ve only had to make very slight adjustments to make them work for each image. If you are craving delicious B&W images, then this is the perfect set of presets!]