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photography is [a new way of seeing and being]

Over a year ago I was made aware of a woman named Aline Smithson. My dear friend Cindy Schafer had taken a class from her in her exploration of fine art photography which I, in a way, turned her onto. Cindy was just beginning to explore photography when I was heading out on my sailing trip back in 1999. I was working as a Marketing Director for a commercial photography lab at the time and was so focused on making money for our trip that I had set my own work aside. I encouraged her to think deeper about what she was trying to say to her audience and to use presentation to make the message clearer.

Anyway, she went on to explore fine art photography and took a class from Aline. In November of 2009 we all lost Cindy to a tragic float plane crash. It was difficult for me to see or do things that reminded me she was gone so I avoided any connection with Aline. Awhile ago I started to follow Aline’s blog and loved what she was doing and saying. I recently contributed to her 2011 Summer Exhibition and have absolutely fallen in love with the images she has compiled. Today, I went to her blog and discovered this: The Chain. The idea is fantastic and I am excited to somehow find my own chain to be a part of.

It’s amazing what exploring and sharing a love for art can do to you. The connections, the inspiration and the frustration are all part of the process. I am so fortunate to have known Cindy, and now have a new inspiration and hopefully more in Aline.