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photography is [body of water]

Summer could take a hint
Seeing you in a floral print
to become a pearl
In the wordy world of the Cornflake Girl ~ Billy Bragg

It’s finally summer here in San Clemente. We’ve been waiting for it for over a year. The kids are in heaven.

The air is humid and warm just like we Riddles like it.

I swore I was going to run away if it continued to stay cold (too many days under 60º).

We returned from a long and busy weekend in Coronado where I just spent my time playing instead of photographing.

I usually rely on memory recall by looking through the files on my computer-stored on a RAID. I can access every image I’ve ever taken from 2005 on and a few scans since 2000.

But this past Fourth of July weekend will have to be remembered in spirit: my first dawn patrol surf session with my son, a run on the strand where I actually had time to myself and noticed some lovely wild daisies, the smell of the BBQs at Silver Strand State Park and the ground under my feet and then I went jumping off the boat with both my kids. It’s a picturesque scene in my mind but my photographs of these weekends never turn out as good as it feels to play, relax and be with family.

But when we got home the kids played in the sprinklers in the front yard and I couldn’t resist making them stop for just a minute…


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    July 7, 2011

    The photos in this post are absolutely breathtaking. The tones are gorgeous. I just had the sprinkler out for my little one yesterday. He loves it, but the first time water gets in his eyes, the party is over! He’s so dramatic. You would think the water was some sort of acid or something. Love all your posts.