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a family with two boys

I love photographing families. For some reason, I really enjoy photographing families with boys. Maybe it’s because they tend to be more of a challenge. The uncomfortable grins, the goofy faces-just like my own son-make my heart smile. Boys are fabulous at coming up with ways to ‘avoid the camera’ so to speak. Girls usually love the attention and put on a show for me, but boys would rather just be there with no attention on them.

I had similar challenges with these handsome lads recently but when they were able to just be, their smiles softened and they settled into being themselves. Dad too!! Once we started talking about photography and his passion for spending time in Death Valley photographing the natural beauty there, he relaxed. And Mom was just her beautiful self.

Thank you S family for taking the time to be together and for letting me into your world to photograph it.


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    September 30, 2011

    Awww, thank you for your sweet words. It was such a pleasure spending time with you. We will treasure these pictures and look forward to more in the years to come. All our best!!!