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photography is [not my only passion]

I don’t know if any of you have noticed but photography is not my only passion. I think it shares a deep, long lasting place in my heart right along with the ocean. Whenever I am doing something that relates to the ocean, I know in my heart I am being true to myself. I tried to get away one time. I moved to the mountains. It was a great time for me that I will always cherish. I was a mountaineering guide and fell in love with ice-climbing. But, in the end I figured out that I was meant to be on the ocean.

I love to see photography/cinematography and the ocean come together as an expression of life. It gives me chills when other artists talk about surfing and being a part of the ocean community. It strikes such a chord with me that I can’t express in words.

I think this is why my “Pierside” fine art series means so much to me. It may seem simple and obvious but I’m really just beginning to understand how deep it goes for me: it represents my connection, like a lifeline, to the ocean and the ability it gives me to share that connection with family and friends whether they feel as strong as I am about being in the ocean or not.

I love all the Woodshed Films. This one is especially inspiring. I love to body surf. I love to feel the ocean around me, rushing past my limbs and torso. It is a truly unique way of being in the ocean. Many people never experience the ocean this way. They are too busy trying not to get too close. You haven’t felt the ocean until you’ve been pounded onto the shore by a wave.