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February 2012

  • . february frenzy



    Scenes from “The Picnic”



    A collaboration with Jane Fulton Alt: outtake

    Halfway through the year last year I decided I would much rather be…

  • bringing art to life

    I have been inspired for years by my son’s creative imagination and artwork. I’ve recently been spending more time archiving it before it turns…

  • .your road

    All images from my series “Drive By”

    Your road is everything that a road ought to be…and yet you will not stay in it half…

  • .maintaining moxie

    This is a custom collage I created as a collaboration for a homecoming memory

    Going into business as a photographer has taken me years to…

  • .happy

    Wishing everyone a fun-loving and carefree valentine’s day. remember what it’s about. love. spending time with the one’s you love and letting them know…