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.january was a start


New Year’s Day Boat Christening in San Diego Bay
Dad, Maliea, Merrik and Grampa

Maliea’s “boat shoes”

cleat and starboard bollard

I enjoyed many beautiful sunrises getting up early to make lunch and get the house in order for the day.

An evening at the San Clemente Pier is always something special

Merrik’s first golf lesson. Maliea was happy just hanging out in the rough.

A very special full moonset.

The T-Street Crew: Best Buds

Maliea takes a moment to stop for the camera.

And then she’s off whirling around again.

Watching a movie in the top bunk together. Not wanting their picture taken.

Merrik started to show some interest in skateboarding after getting softer, faster wheels.

The daily projects. Merrik’s mind works non-stop coming up with things to do, draw, make and write about.

Maliea enjoying a rare moment to herself.

Reading one of Merrik’s books.

Sparkly lips…and eyes.

So January came in like a lion and I was feeling like a lamb. It started out fantastic with a cruise around San Diego Bay on S/V Pelican New Year’s Day. But the next day I started on a downward spiral for the next 7 days with the most persistent flu I’ve ever had. Usually I can power through illness. I may be out for half a day but I’ve never been held down like this for day after day. I couldn’t even muster up the energy to take my son to school!

After that passed, I was so appreciative of feeling healthy. We had a full month of great family time. After feeling stretched to the limit before the holidays, I decided I wanted to stay more focused on spending time with my kids. Instead of coming home after school and letting them play while I edit, market, design and retouch, I decided I wanted to spend quality time with them, about them. So far, my clients are being very patient and I have been able to squeeze in orders and edits while the kids are in school! Plus, instead of going places and taking pictures of them, I wanted to be more present-watching them and playing with them-reacting to them as a mom instead of a photographer. I love taking real life photographs of my kids in the midst of life, but it detracts from my attention on them as me-a mom who loves them for who they are instead of telling them what to do, where to stand for the light and to stop grinning.

So, I didn’t take my camera anywhere with me and if I did, I only took a few frames. However, I did take quite a few spontaneous photos with my iPhone so if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen many of our adventures:

During the month of January we took Merrik’s new dinghy that he asked Santa for down to Doheny and rowed it in and out at low tide; we went to Sea World, Disneyland, the beach and the park with friends several times; on the swings at the pier and had dinner with Nana Papa and for a bike ride on the beach trail; we went out to breakfast and spent the day at the Star Wars exhibit at the Discovery Science Center; we went to a new haircut place in the rain and had to wait for a short squall to stop before going inside; Maliea had her first ballet class and Merrik his first golf lesson; we went to a birthday party and Merrik got new wheels on his skateboard making it easier to ride; we had dinner at the dining room table more frequently than expected (yay! –my husband works late so I tend to feed the kids early in the kitchen and wait to eat with him later which makes for an disconnected dinner hour for M&M) and even one time we dined with the Angry Birds; I worked in Merrik’s classroom 3 times and Maliea’s twice-preparing pasghetti noodles for her all classmates one of those days; and we were in a TV commercial together as a family. We also spent a lot of time hanging out at home being goofy, making Lego creations, constructing a Wall-e costume out of cardboard from all my product shipments, making brownies, sitting by the fire and having snuggle and tickle time.

I personally have been working on clearing out a lot of old stuff and organizing the rest of it. My husband asked me to sew a button back onto his pants and in the process of looking for a needle and thread I ended up organizing the sewing box-finally taking all the spare buttons from clothing purchases over the years out of their packages and putting them all in a jar. I have also been getting more serious about freshening up the kids room and the art displayed on our walls around the house. When I get this done, I will share it all here. I used one of my wave photographs to accent the new lamp in the kids’ room and am adding my photographs and their artwork to give their walls some much needed color and life.