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This is a custom collage I created as a collaboration for a homecoming memory


Going into business as a photographer has taken me years to commit to. I know myself well and the idea of having to do things because it’s business has put the ‘create-on-demand’ factor of having my own photography business off until recently. For some reason I felt it was time a few years ago. Maybe it was turning 40 that tipped it off!

Over the course of the last twenty years I have done my own photography but refused to call myself a “photographer.” I knew in time I would have to face the music and step up to the task of really being a photographer. I have always been a late bloomer and I know my path of photography is a long one. Along the way I have been told I’m a cheater, a hack, on the fringe and not creative and still keep plugging away. So either I’m a glutton for punishment or I’m in love with this thing called photography.

I definitely know I’m not the most creative person because I see all the amazing beautiful creativity out there in design, motion, art and photography. I’ve always considered myself more of a technician than an artist even though my family expected me to study art in college-thus I chose photography. I was much better at drafting than life drawing. In my life drawing classes the teacher would yell at me to loosen up my hand! And while studying photography I decided the idea of photographing people for a living was completely out of the question. I originally only wanted to photograph things that didn’t move. I love architecture, still life and landscapes. So even though I am creating images today that when I started I had no idea I had the capacity for, I know I have a long way to go on this path of photography.

What I do know in my heart is that I love collaboration and creating something unique and special. When my clients ask me to jump, I say let’s go to the moon. So, I am so thrilled that I, true starving artist that I am who loves to make things in her own time and in her own way, am finally on the path to balancing my artistic nature, technical control and business productivity so I can make beautiful images and deliver truly unique and personalize products for people who appreciate them!

I encourage all of you not to be discouraged by others who don’t have faith in YOUR dream. If it’s your passion, you know in your heart it’s what you are meant to be doing and pursuing so never give up.

This is a custom hand bound album I made for a client because I couldn’t find a vendor who offered anything like it.

I used a luscious book cloth with a gold/green sheen and Arches deckled edge paper then tipped in the photographs.


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    February 18, 2012

    F the nay-sayers. Your work is beautiful. Glad you never veer off-course 🙂