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. quiet and trust

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“Follow your heart, but be quiet for a while first. Ask questions, then feel the answer. Learn to trust your heart.”

Sometimes images jump out at me and sometimes they take time to grow on me. It reminds me of the way I experience music.

I have discovered after years of finding favorite songs that if a song is popular and has a catchy beat, it appeals right away. It grabs you and makes you feel good the first time, the second time and maybe the third time you hear it.

But, I find often that if I listen to a pop song over and over, the luster wanes and soon that melodic, captivating tune is annoying and repetitive and tiresome.

On the other hand, a good song starts out slow. It takes time to get into your psyche and under your skin. The first time you hear it it doesn’t exactly jump out at you. Then no matter how many times you hear it, it’s magic and wonderful and pulls at your heart strings.

I find photography to work this way as well. I see so many images that are catchy and upbeat and popular but they just don’t hold a lasting appeal.

I am starting to learn to view my own photographs the same way: taking the time to see if they maintain a lasting captivation for me. This is a very important process in selecting images for a portfolio. It takes time and you have to be patient. It helps to get feedback from others as well.

Remember that a lot of the images you see pinned on Pinterest are pretty, pop culture and instant gratification images. Depending on what kind of images you desire to make, these may or may not be the best inspiration for you.

Be patient. Be quiet. Learn to trust your heart.

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