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. all because of you

Because of you, there’s a song in my heart
(All because of you)
Because of you, my romance had its start
(All because of you)
Because of you, the sun will shine
The moon and stars will say you’re mine
Forever and never to part
(And it’s all because of you) ~Bobby Vinton

I am wishing Happy Anniversary to two of the coolest, most easy going, loving, supportive people you will ever meet. Their love and support of each other is inspiring especially in a day when most people are looking to find someone better, more perfect, when in fact they may need to look more closely at how they love and open up to others as a person.

My parents and their relationship made me who I am today: more concerned about the welfare of my own family than myself, more dedicated and loving to my husband than I ever thought was possible for myself to be. They help me keep things in perspective by the way they just live life to the fullest yet take it all in stride.